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F&B Directors – Are You Keeping Up?

Are you keeping up with your industry, “hotel F&B”? Are you reading all of the right magazines?

Great. Now STOP. Stop reading hotel industry publications. Just for a while. Look for some ideas from sources not connected with the industry.

I know. Who’s got time to read, and anyway, who reads magazines anymore? Can you spell “webzine”? Maybe the Internet, per se, hasn’t killed magazines, but when you factor in recent mobile technology advances, including e-readers like Kindle, the print world certainly seems even more challenging.

No matter. Web site or print. You likely already subscribe to several excellent publications such as Hotels (, Hotel F&B (, Lodging (, Lodging Hospitality (, Hotel & Motel Management (, and Hotel Design (, to name a few.

No doubt you subscribe also to some of the many excellent restaurant industry magazines, including Nation’s Restaurant News (, Restaurants & Institutions (, Restaurant Hospitality (, and Restaurant Business (

Of course there are the specialty magazines, often with cuisine or beverage-alcohol based content. Sante’ is among these excellent magazines (, and many culinarians like Chef (

OK, so now let’s go “off the industry path” just a little bit. Let’s see what’s going on in other parts of the world, even related parts.

If you run a fine dining establishment, read QSR Magazine ( If you work for a large company, read a publication designed for independents, like Restaurant Startup & Growth (

Who are your customers and what are they interested in?

Are you getting more requests for vegetarian items? Read Vegetarian Times (, or even – if you want some ideas for vegan dishes, or to better understand the vegan point of view, Veg News ( Are they coffee aficionados? Try Fresh Cup for industry trends in specialty coffees (

Let’s really get off the path now. Are they concerned about fitness? Read Fitness (, or Men’s Fitness ( Are your customers boomers? Read AARP Magazine ( – maybe you’ll have to borrow your parents copy?

And don’t forget to look at what’s going on in retail. Some may have publications available at the store only, but all have web sites. Look at Whole Foods (, Dean & Deluca (, Wegmans ( and Trader Joe’s (

Those are my thoughts, let me know yours.

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